Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy is a fairly unique brand of therapy that offers many advantages and benefits. 

How Does Mindfulness Therapy Work? The way that mindfulness therapy works is that it trains you how to respond rather than to react from a fixed, learned mindset. It encompasses training in developing awareness of one’s mind with a loving gaze, acceptance, allowing, observing thoughts and most importantly choosing how to respond according to your values.

When patients can make use of mindfulness therapy, they can start to look at things more objectively. Instead of going straight into negative emotions, it is possible to take a more measured approach and look at the situation as a whole. In a few words, it gives you perspective and the freedom to choose how you want to act in any given situation.

A mindfulness-based cognitive therapist is going to be able to help you see where your learned patterns are keeping you stuck in negative moods. Your thought processes are often causing these negative episodes. Thoughts of not being good enough or feelings of not being as capable as others often hold us back in life.  A mindfulness-based cognitive therapist will work with you to help you avoid judging yourself based on the successes of others, also to understand the different triggers and factors in your life that contribute to negative moods.