Dra. Antonela Nasello


I am an MD and I specialize in psychiatry and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I have many years of experience in clinical psychiatry and psychiatric emergencies. I work with anxiety disorders, emotional distress, depression, stress, insomnia, adaptative disorders, PTSD and eating disorders.

I ground my professional practice on scientific-based medicine and on solid values such as respect, empathy and a commitment to providing the best possible care available.  I believe in continued professional betterment and participate regularly in international forums (e.g. American Psychiatric Association and World Psychiatric Association, among others)

My goal is to provide treatment that is personalized and oriented to the patient’s goals, ensuring that they feel included in the decisions that arise from it.My professional focus is not only the diagnosis and treatment of mental health issues, but also the prevention of emotional and psychic disorders. I strive to enhance the patient’s quality of life in such a way that they do not feel  negatively impacted on a social or work level, by the circumstances they are dealing with.

Additionally, I employ the Lifestyle Medicine approach to prevent, treat and address most chronic illnesses, by targeting the factors that cause them and supporting patients as they bring about permanent changes in their lives.

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